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JBCStyle | Top Ten | Waterproof Your Summer

JBCStyle | Top Ten | Waterproof Your Summer

Summer is in full and utter swing now.  This is the time we all flock to the pool, the lake, the ocean, the river…anywhere we can splash in the sun.  But the water holes we find ourselves lapping in can be a tricky place for our digital devices and whatnot.  Discover these water-friendly products to keep you and your favorite things high and dry:


1. Lifeproof for iPhone

This nifty little iPhone accessory will save your phone’s life while you’re “getting thrown in.”  Also, you can take rad underwater shots with this bad boy!  Whatever the reason, this accessory is completely sealed to keep your lifeline happy and dry.














2. Tarte Rise & Shine Lipgloss

So what if you want a little lip stain on when you’re kicking it poolside?  With all of the retro suits on the market right now, it’s almost required.  This gloss by Tarte will last you the duration of your pool party and comes in four summer-friendly shades.













3. Creative Sunwear Fully Decorated Swim Cap

Let’s keep this retro vibe going.  Olympic swimmers aren’t the only ones who don’t want to get their locks soaking wet when they take a dip.  We want to same effect sans the Speedo bald cap.  This floral one says synchronized doll babe all over it and comes in a black, white, or multicolored floral pattern.












4. Marissa Collections Swims Shoe

Tired of flip flops?  Want something you can wear from sea to shore?  Then this men’s Swims Shoe is just right for you!  As a whole it looks like a handsome boat slip-on, is completely waterproof, has side ventilation, and a sturdy rubber sole that will grip to the slipperiest of boat decks.












5. Panasonic Lumix TS3

If you are traveling this summer, taking a scuba dunk, or going on any underwater excursion…this is the camera for you.  With a wider lens than most of its competition, the Lumix TS3 captures clear and vivid shots up to 40 feet under the water.  Other features include multiple shutter speed and ISO settings, GPS tracking and tagging, as well as an image stabilizing capability for quick moving subjects.













6.  TrendyDigital WaterGuard Waterproof Case

If you’re lounging but still need to get some work done or want to catch up on your reading, you typically don’t hesitate to bring your electronics along.  But what if that freak accident happened where the waitress comes up to you, scares you silly, and the iPad you’re holding flings up?  There goes your gadget, floating to the base of the deep end.  This waterproof case by TrendyDigital is for moments just like that…a sealed off case to hold your iPad, Kindle, or any other precious tablet and keep it away from the H2O.













7. Eco Terra Waterproof Speakers

When it comes to water sport speakers, Eco Terra products are the crème de la crème.  This portable speaker set and doc is not only waterproof, it’s fully submersible.  You could throw this in the lake and because of its design, it will rotate and float upwards, so your music can be heard no matter what.  The case holds your iPhone, iPod, mp3 player…whatever you want and keeps it 100% enclosed so no water seeps through.  Get this, head to the beach, and put on our mixtape!













8. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock

Your face is one of the first places to get attacked by the sun; but who wants thick and uncomfortable sunscreen clogging up their pores?  Fortunately, Neutrogena makes an ultra sheer formula with SPF 45 that is waterproof, sweat-proof, PABA-free and non-comedogenic.












9. Shiseido Sun Protection Skin Foundation

If you’re a surfer or into any water sport, you either already know or really need to know about this skin saver by Shiseido.  Their Sun Stick is a triple threat:  it goes on smooth and dry, doubles as makeup, and is so waterproof that it stays on all day through your sweat and swim.  Bonus: it’s recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation as an effective UV sunscreen!  That’s a hard fact your skin can get behind!













10. Copco Sierra Cold Tumbler

Last, but certainly not least, a proper summer accessory is and ice cold drink in hand!  Whatever the beverage, it’s guaranteed that you don’t want salty pool water sloshing in your cup.  So having a spill proof, waterproof tumbler is what’s up!  Look to this Sierra Tumbler by Copco -  it holds 24 ounces, comes in five bright colors, and has a non-slip grip to boot.