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VSTR | Slater meets Quiksilver meets Stranger

VSTR | Slater meets Quiksilver meets Stranger

For a long time, I have had two very clashing fixations…my love of fashion and my love for extreme sports.  Growing up snowboarding in the winter, wakeboarding in the summer…there was this constant dilemma over fashion or function.  Although there have been many improvements in women’s extreme sport fashion, there haven’t been many real waves made on the menswear side.  Until now.



So guys, get stoked…Kelly Slater and Quiksilver have teamed up to make you Sartorialist-approved, yet entirely travel ready with their new collaboration…VSTR.  Meant to be pronounced ‘visitor’, this line really appeals to the life of the jet setter, the road tripper, the adrenaline seeker.  And rather than demoting the idea of ‘same ensemble two days in a row’, VSTR actually encourages it’s customer to “wear three days in a row without raising an eyebrow”…take that.  The idea behind this mindset is that the material will be enduring and flexible from climate to climate, yet as bulk free as possible – so you can pack and go quicker than you can say ‘shyeah, bra’.

Founder and world surfing champion, Kelly Slater, states “my input with the clothes is more about a lifestyle and a philosophy…we’re looking at organic and eco fabrics – mainly for traveling clothes, which is something I know a little about”.  True story…in 2011 alone, this beach boy has been paddling out around the world from Australia to France to Brazil and everywhere in between.

Check out VSTR online here.