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Vogue Kicks Off The Health Initiative with June Covers

Vogue Kicks Off The Health Initiative with June Covers

This June, from cover to cover, every issue of Vogue is expressing the fashion mag’s dedication to The Health Initiative, a movement that aims to encourage a healthier approach to body image in the fashion industry.

The 19 Editors-in-Chief of Vogue magazines worldwide have committed every issue starting this month to the initiative via a pact they signed as the first step to promoting health over society’s twisted idea of beauty.




According to a Vogue Paris online, the key points and goals of the editors are as follows:

* Work with healthy models over the age of 16

* Ask agents not to knowingly send in underage girls for castings

* Help to structure mentoring programs between more mature models and younger girls who are starting out in the industry

* Encourage healthy working conditions including providing healthy food and respecting models’ privacy

* Encourage designers to reconsider small sample sizes that condone the use of extremely thin models

* The Vogue magazine editors commit to being ambassadors for healthy body image

As the fashion industry continues to take blame for the world’s misconceptions on beauty and for using models who are extremely thin or too young, Vogue editors are determined to put a stop to the finger-pointing and actually do something about the issues.

Click through the June covers below.  What do you think about Vogue’s ambitious endeavor?  Our two cents – at this point, things have gone so far in the wrong direction, one small nudge in the right direction is a start.  Especially if it is Vogue that takes the first step.

Here’s to hoping the initiative becomes the norm.