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Victoria’s Newest Secret – A Designer Lingerie Collection

Victoria’s Newest Secret – A Designer Lingerie Collection

Can you keep a secret? As if the sultry and sensual image of the Victoria’s Secret brand name couldn’t get any more captivating, the launch of The Victoria’s Secret Designer Collection takes lingerie to a new level of sexy.

The timing of such a tantalizing release is nothing short of pure perfection as Valentine’s Day looms right around the corner. What better gift could you grant your lover than a naughty eyeful of lacy garter belts and ruffled teddies? If you thought the delightful angels dominating the sexy VS ad campaigns couldn’t possibly get any more seductive…you thought wrong.


Victoria’s Secret is world famous for its repertoire of stunningly gorgeous models with striking features and not-too-skinny bodies.  Earlier this month (Jan. 24), select megastores and victoriassecret.com started selling the exquisite pieces from the designer line consisting solely of top of the line lingerie. The pieces proved to be more risqué, glamorous and desirable than anything the brand has ever produced before.

The collection features timeless and classic pieces such as charming baby doll camisoles, enchanting balconet push-up bras, and sparkling thongs with matching garter belts. The bras retail from $98 to $158; undies and garter belts are $38 to $68; baby dolls and teddies are $158 to $218.

Regarding the release of the brand’s new designer line, Victoria’s Secret has employed a somewhat unorthodox approach. Holding true to the famously allusive implication of the brand’s name, the new line remained a secret until the day the items hit the stores and became available for purchase online.

Looking back, the public was indeed granted a quick  glimpse of the new line as it was featured in the highly acclaimed, fabulously whimsical Victoria’s Secret annual fashion show last November.

The President and Chief Marketing Officer of Victoria’s Secret, Ed Razek, told WWD, “We took it in-house because we have a design team that has such a passion for lingerie, and they differentiate Victoria’s Secret from any other brand.” The new designer pieces are flying off the racks at an unbelievable speed. It comes as no surprise, as the collection is reasonably priced and rightfully stated on the website, “It’s lingerie only Victoria’s Secret could create.”

A word of advice for the ladies: jump on the website or hurry to the nearest Victoria’s Secret store for The Victoria’s Secret Designer Collection before the arrival of Valentine’s Day.  If you’re not able to get your hands on the dainty unmentionables before then, don’t worry, the Summer Collection will be available late June. If you’re willing to wait…

Happy Valentine’s Day