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‘Tis the Season to be Job Searching

If you’re in the job market, don’t be misled into thinking the holiday season means break-time until next year. True, there is a lull between Christmas and New Years; however, don’t assume that every company is enjoying the entire time off of work – there are plenty of business days in between the two holidays. Placing a hold on your job search will only make room for other resumés to fill the space and get the attention that could have been yours.

Companies and recruiting agencies like JBC are not in the position to place a job on hold because of any holiday.  This time of year is especially important to keep up with demands for talent and get a head start on the new year.

Hopefully, we’ve convinced you that your resumé needs to be putting in hours this holiday.  Now you’re ready for some seasonal job search tips:

1. Build your online network. Make new connections and reconnect with old acquaintances via Facebook and Linkedin.  The holiday conversation is a great icebreaker that helps to make your approach less forward.  Once the conversation has begun, you’ve placed your name in the person’s mind and you’re one step closer to your goal.

2. Send cards. Remind hiring managers that you’re still looking and still interested in working for their company.  Send a holiday card or small gift with a cheerful note letting them know you are open to revisiting new roles that may have come up since your last interview.  Use this method to reach out to hiring managers, recruiters, or anyone you know who may be able to help move your resumé along.

3. Go to holiday parties! Company parties are a great opportunity to casually network with all of the right people.  Don’t walk around handing out your resumé – instead, have some great conversations with key people, hand out your business card, let them know you’re in the market, and keep it moving.  It is a party after all!  The following day, repeat step one.

4. Throw a party! Friends help friends find jobs.  Invite your friends over for drinks or meet at a restaurant to catch up and enlist their help.  This is a great chance to practice your pitch, go over interview questions, and share experiences with a crowd that will be honest and offer advice you can use come interview-time.

5. Be a part of the conversation. Most likely, the companies you are interested in have a Twitter or Facebook account.  Follow them and participate in their online conversations.  Don’t go overboard here – choose a post that interests you and reply with an intelligent statement.  Replying to a company that posts open jobs on their social media accounts are a great way to get noticed.  Warning: make sure your personal social media accounts are professional and showcase you in a positive light and only reply to jobs in which you qualify.


Take it back old-school. If you can find out the name of the hiring manager and their mailing address, send them a hard copy of your resumé and cover letter.  Most resumés are sent online so take this opportunity to send yours straight to the desk of the person in charge.  Who doesn’t like to get mail?  Add a holiday card to your package and score extra recognition points.

Enjoy the holidays, but don’t take time off from your job search.  Instead, use your spare time to maximize your efforts.