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Time Travel Gift Guide for Mother’s Day

Time Travel Gift Guide for Mother’s Day

What are you getting your mom for Mother’s Day?  The usual?  Flowers, dinner or a trip to the spa?  Some moms are just too cool for the usual.  Below, ten gift ideas for mom that will surprise as well as satisfy every mom on Mother’s Day.

Our main source of inspiration and overall theme as we compiled this list: nostalgia.  Every mom had a life before children where they were free to worry about themselves and free to explore.  As mothers they had to give up some of that freedom to raise their children; therefore leaving some pieces of themselves in the past.  Willingly, happily and dutifully, she’s been there.

This year, give her a gift that shows your appreciation by way of appreciating her past.  Below, ten gift ideas that are slightly more challenging to come by, but totally worth the extra effort.

1. Concert Tickets – No, don’t take mom to a Lady Gaga concert; although she may enjoy it.  If you can find tickets to a band or musician who she was interested in, meaning she has old vinyls or cassette tapes, that’s what we’re talking about!  Give mom live music that will take her back in time through sound and rhythm while memories come flooding back.  She will also appreciate sharing the moment with you.

2. Cruise - This gift may sound typical but don’t be fooled.  Cruises offer a variety of destinations and include an adventure while you are in transit.  They are relaxing and filled with tons of options in regards to food, entertainment and exploration.  Choose a cruise that stops in multiple locations to increase the sight-seeing value.  Nostalgia factor – sailing away from land and into the deep blue is enough to take anyone back in time!

3. Theater Tickets – ‘Mommy and Me’ – At least one of these gifts had to be a cliché so here it is!  Enjoy a Broadway or theater show with mom.  Make it a night that is all about entertainment that you can both enjoy together.  Bonus – keep the tickets for future nostalgic gift-giving!

4. Personalized Gift - Put a ring her name on it!  Let’s think outside of the box here.  Lockets, rings, charm bracelets and little trinket boxes with mom’s initials are so played out.  We’re thinking big here.  Maybe mom’s old high school/favorite hang-out spot/street she grew up on is more to her than just a place in time from the past.  If so, make a donation, help renovate or name a street sign after the woman who completes your world.  Other than the street sign, arrange for her name to be engraved into a metal plate that will be displayed on the site.  This is a huge, it-only-happens-in-the-movies type gesture; but if you’re thinking big, go for it!

5. Autographed Item – Well this is pretty self-explanatory.  Did mom worship Elvis?  Who was her favorite athlete?  Maybe Cary Grant still floats her boat?  Get your Sharpie out and get mom their autograph!  Caveat – these famous folks are no longer with us and that may be true for many of mom’s favorites.  With the right amount of research and dedication, you may be able to find a source online that sells these collectable items.  Get to work!

6. Time Capsule – The world has changed drastically and if you were to go back in time 20-30 years or more, you would find it unrecognizable.  If mom could go back in time, what do you think she would bring back with her?  Do some research and find out what she was into when she was younger.  Take your findings and enclose them in a time capsule.  This could be a decorated shoe box  for a handmade touch or a new bag for spring.  Who doesn’t like a gift that keeps giving?

Some ideas for your time capsule: movie posters, newspaper clippings, timeless perfumes (YSL Opium or Chanel No. 5), boardgames, records…you get the idea.

7. Toy Story – Mom always provided you with your favorite toys.  From Barbie to G.I. Joe, you had little cubbies filled with playtime pals.  It’s funny to think of how these days, kids have a different idea of what a toy should be.  They want iPads/Pods/Phones, PSP’s and other pricey digital “toys.”  When things were less complicated, mom had a collection of favorite toys too!  Channel her childhood by getting mom the toys she grew up with.  It will be like Christmas in springtime!

8. Charity Donation – This isn’t the type of gift one can physically hold on to; but whether spiritually, mentally, emotionally or all of the above, donating to charity is the type of gift that satisfies through benefiting those in need.  If there is a cause that your mom is passionate about, make a donation in her name as a symbol of every mom’s innate ability to nurture others.  If she isn’t attached to a particular cause, start a new one that you can both share together.

9. Vintage – Every generation has an adoration for all things vintage.  Hit up eBay, the local consignment shops and those cute little vintage boutiques to find mom a fashionable piece symbolic of her style.  If vintage is hard to come by, her favorite designer may still offer timeless pieces that have transcended the times.  Some examples: handbags, shoes or jewelry.  This idea will take the most time, research and thought – so get started asap!

10. “Favorite Things” Gift Basket – We’ll end with an easy one that you should be able to successfully pull off at the last minute if you have been procrastinating.  Tsk-tsk.  Get a huge “basket,” which could be any sort of container you see fit, and fill if up with all the things you know she loves.  Candy, cosmetics, toiletries, perfume, gift cards, jewelry, small electronics…anything!  Take it to the next level and fill your basket with items she may have loved growing up but are harder to come by.

When flowers and dinner just won’t do… Happy Mother’s Day!!