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5 Things You Can Do With Your Favorite Instagram Photos

5 Things You Can Do With Your Favorite Instagram Photos

You know that feeling when your latest Instagram post reaches the popular page? Or, on a smaller scale, your latest selfie attracts at least 11 likes, reassuring you that your eyebrows really did look as great as you thought. Breathe a sigh of relief and scroll on to double-tap the new Givenchy Antigona bag that you plan to purchase some day.

Instagram feeds keep things moving and within seconds your cherished post becomes a thing of the past. Ah, the short, sweet life of a social media post. Prolong the life of your filtered favorites with these creative services that will ensure your pictures live on in alternate forms.

1. Apply Them

This handy (haha) service creates nail polish stickers from an image of your choice. NailSnaps gives you creative freedom with the ability to choose how the image will appear on your nails. Once you receive your custom NailSnaps in the mail, you can apply them yourself! NailSnaps is currently a Kickstarter project will only 14 days left to reach their $47,381 goal.


2. Bound Them

The digital documentation of our lives via Instagram are temporary and fleeting. Give your images a life beyond the screen with booksto.me. Choose a subscription plan and start taking pictures. At the end of the month, or after three months depending on the plan you choose, booksto.me will pull all of your images together, transform them into a hardbound photo book and ship it to your doorstep. Display your photos on your coffee table or start that collection of albums as you’ve always wanted to do.


3. Unlock Them

How sweet would it be to see your best shots on your phone’s lock screen? Get nostalgic each time you ‘slide to unlock’ with Wallgram, an iPhone app that creates wallpapers from any Instagram photo or any image from your phone. Last time we checked, this app was free as a promotion in the App Store, but it usually runs for $3.99. According to the reviews, the small details that Wallgram uses to perfect your photo (like blurring out the edges of images that are too small) makes this app totally worth it!


4. Eat Them

Boomf turns your selfies into dunkable, roastable, edible marshmallows. Perfect for gift-giving to yourself or your social media-savvy bff, these little treats are created by Boomf in boxes of nine for $20 and shipped to your for free. Sweet deal, no? All you have to do is log on to the service with your Instagram credentials, choose nine images (yours or your friends’) and Boomf does the rest! Yum!


5. Encase Them

Create custom cases for your phone or tablet with Casetagram with your Instagram or Facebook photos. Choose one image or create a collage of images using a variety of templates within the program. Finish your masterpiece by choosing a Classic Snap or Bezel Bold case and applying filters. Casetagram prices vary depending on the device, but shipping is free. That’s it! You’re on your way to subtly, but intentionally, sharing your snapshots with the world while texting or checking emails.