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The Perfect Companion for Your iPhone: TidyTilt

The Perfect Companion for Your iPhone: TidyTilt

Tangled headphones? Bulky case? Tired of holding your iPhone up while watching your favorite YouTube videos?

To address these issues, Derek Tarnow and his business partner Zahra Tashakorinia, two design students from IIT Institute of Design in Chicago, created TidyTilt. They acknowledged that fumbling with wires isn’t the best use of your time and your iPhone should be able to stand on its own.

There was no product on the market that securely holds earbuds and prevents tangling, they designed a product that not only resolved the issue, but also serves as a stand and a magnetic mount.

This three-feature product works for Apple’s iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. It practically takes up no space once it is attached to your device. No bulk, no mess. The product has a two-part system. First, a thin metal frame that adheres to the edge of the iPhone; second, a tri-fold panel that magnetically adheres to the metal frame.

The TidyTilt frame is a 0.7mm thick, stainless steel design that is compatible with most cases and bumpers. Even better, the magnet and frame won’t interfere with your phone’s service and reception. The panel, which is 2mm thick, is made with a soft-touch polyurethane fabric that leaves a flash hole for the iPhone’s camera. The panel also comes in four distinct colors: black, blue, pink, green, and limited edition, orange and gray.

Now, you can easily stick your earbuds and entire iPhone to any magnetic-responsive surface. Attach your earbuds to the top of your laptop, stick it onto a fridge or dry-erase board, or place it on a wall-mounted key-holder.

We agree with the statement on the company’s website, “It’s the perfect companion for the iPhone.”

To learn more about the company and order the product visit TidyTilt and follow TidyTilt on Twitter and Facebook for product updates.