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The Collar Club

The Collar Club

Remember the choker necklace?  Perhaps one of your staple accessories for a nineties revival party costume, the neck hugging adornment is making a comeback in accessorizing.  However instead of hemp, tattoo, or velvet versions…we’re seeing a whole new evolution in the collar necklace.  Whether you want a heavy metal look or simply to decorate your shirt’s collar, check out some of our favorite collars out right now.

1. Low Luv Crescent Collar Necklace $125

2. UO Border Cave Collar $10

3. Ralph Lauren Gold Collar Choker $78

4. Peony Lim Metal Collar Necklace $24









5. ASOS Mesh Gold Tipped Collar Necklace $25

6. Tangerine Triad Collar Necklace $32

7. Young Frankk Hammered Collar Necklace $124

8. Topshop Collar Tips $25