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Taking the Pantone Throne

Taking the Pantone Throne


Move out the way Tangerine Tango, there’s a new leading color in town!  As the seasons have changed and the year winds down, so too are our eyes growing weary of the fiery citrine shade of 2012.  Perhaps we are yearning for something healthy and refreshing, or maybe we need to feel more balanced and in harmony with the world…whatever it is, the zeitgeist is blowing a wind of a different color our way.  As of today, the world-renowned authority on color, Pantone, has named Emerald Green the official color of 2013!

Why do we have a color of the year?  Have you ever wondered why you see color trends walking down the major runway shows and popping up in your makeup palette?  Much of the retail product that we see around us results from a long and meticulous process of trend research and analysis.  One of the most important of these being color.  Pantone is a powerhouse of prediction, governing much of the colorway for the year ahead.  Prepare to see rich and elegant shades of emerald just about anywhere in the coming seasons, it’s here to stay…at least for this year.

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