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JBCStyle | Top Ten Surprising Fall Trends

JBCStyle | Top Ten Surprising Fall Trends

Spring hasn’t even officially begun on our calendar, so it’s strange to think about the next winter from now.  But fashion designers are perpetually ahead about a year at a time…get a sneak peak at some of the more unconventional trends we’ll have to look forward to, come summer’s end…









1.  Under Pants

No, we don’t mean wearing your skivvies out and about…this fall, try layering your skinnies (as in pants) underneath a pencil skirt or a dress.











2.  Linebacker Shoulders

Hut, hut, hike!  Guys, look handsome and tough in an extended shoulder, or even with shoulder pads if you’re so bold.











3. The’Murse’

You couldn’t possibly look girly, just smart, with some of the briefcases, totes and oversized clutches for men peeking out for fall.











4. A Sleeve of their Own

Sleeves are taking charge of their identity with contrasting textures and colors.











5. Dramatic Monochromatic

Autumn is full of bright, falling leaves…blend in with just one tone, from head to toe.











6. Asian Persuasion

The Orient is trending for fall with beautiful silks, kimono style jackets, and Kabuki prints.











7. A Suit of a Different Color

What’s a black tie event?  Forget your trusty black suit…it’s time to splash it up a bit.











8. Play Ball

Baseball caps were all over the runway for Fall/Winter 2012…in sleek leather and wide brims.











9. All Bound Up

Accessorize with bondage-inspired hip, waist and shoulder belts to make any outfit look fierce.











10. Annual Shorts

Who says shorts are just a Spring/Summer look?  As long as you layer, you can look cool and stay warm for the upcoming seasons.