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Stella McCartney Does It All…Even Lingerie

Stella McCartney Does It All…Even Lingerie











Stella McCartney is a fashion prodigy.  Coming from two insanely famous parents, she has really carved out her own niche…never using their fame as a crutch.  We have watched her blossom into one of the most highly revered designers of our time and seen everything from runway to athletic wear to skincare from her.  Now, Stella is taking on a new, more delicate venture…lingerie design.

In August, McCartney plans to debut her lovely unmentionables under the brand name “Stella.”  Her mindset behind the line is thoughtful; “well-made lingerie is key…feeling constricted by one’s underwear just isn’t my thing; you need to rely on the quality. It has to fit, function and do its job first and foremost.”  Stella will be an eco-conscious line, made of organic fabrics and recycled metals.  From what we’ve seen so far, the palette is basic and stays true to the Stella McCartney simplistic, yet sexy brand.  And the price point is the best part…ranging from $26-$55 per piece.  Watch below for some sneak peeks of Stella, courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar: