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Spring RTW 2013: The Weekend in Paris, Saturday

Spring RTW 2013: The Weekend in Paris, Saturday

It seems like Fashion Week in Paris is never-ending; but that’s fine, we could do this everyday.  However, things would get pretty boring if one or two talented designers didn’t mix it up every now and then to keep us interested.  Jean Paul Gaultier and Vivienne Westwood did just that, and we appreciated every moment.

Jean Paul Gaultier’s Homage to Eighties Pop Culture

Spotted: Grace Jones, Annie Lennox, Madonna, Boy George, Michael Jackson and a few others.  This is a fun game, can you point out which eighties icons influenced these throwback looks?




Vivienne Westwood’s “Climate Revolution”

Ms. Westwood is pretty vocal on her political views, but there was no intentional message in her collection, “Climate Revolution,” for RTW Spring 2013 Collection.  Or was there?  Regardless, she got our attention.



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