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Rouge Lips for Your Valentine

Rouge Lips for Your Valentine

The perfect shade of red lipstick is like that red cherry on top of your ice-cream sundae: a luminous finish to any classic and polished look. Like all the vibrant colors of the rainbow, there exists an overwhelming selection of red hues from which to choose.

Would you classify yourself as a scarlet vixen or a crimson lover? This Valentine’s Day, the hunt for the perfect rogue lipstick ends! MAC’s intensely vibrant collection of red lipstick guarantees a luscious, dreamy pout.


 “You must remember this, a kiss is just a kiss. A sigh is just a sigh. The fundamental things apply, as time goes by.” Sam, Casablanca

1.  MAC Red $14.50 There is only one word to describe this vivid bluish–red shade: classic. It feels like utter satin upon your lips and it is all you need to glamorize any outfit, whether it be a simple tee shirt and denim combination or a more professional and formal pencil shirt and blouse.  If you aim to turn heads everywhere you venture this is your signature shade. Wear it well and with caution. It is brilliant, dark, and daring!

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2. Russian Red $14.50 This intense bluish-red shade is among the most popular MAC colors. It is a matte lipstick so there is minimal shine when applied; however, the color is absolutely brilliant. More suitable for an extravagant night out on the town than a day-time office wear, stand out amongst the crowd with this amazing crimson color. Another amazing benefit is the color is so bold it often has the effect of creating the illusion that your lips are fuller. What girl wouldn’t appreciate that!

3. Sin $14.50 For once, you can finally indulge in a little sin without the guilt. This deep dark blue-red matte lipstick veers from the traditional rouge red yet it is equally as appealing and beautiful. Containing components of both red and blue color it is derivative of a stunning royal purple with deep undertones. No matter the size and shape of your lips, accentuate your sexy smile with this unique and bold plum-purple color. Matching perfectly with the deep dark colors of autumn, you’ll be sure to melt hearts with your lavender lips.

4. Saint Germain $14.50 For those that desire a color less dramatic than the classic red this shade is the perfect answer. It is a clean pastel pink. Brighten up your face with this pretty pink color which compliments varying complexions. A few degrees darker than the customary baby pink, this color will inevitably become the staple accessory you’ll never go without as it goes hand in hand with the bright and beautiful colors of countless Spring collections.


5.  Lady Bug $14.50 Need a good luck charm ladies? Paint your lips with MAC’s Lady Bug. This shade of red carries undertones of yellow and orange similar to the exquisite color of a ripe yellow garden tomato! Attending an outdoor party or anxiously awaiting the arrival of Spring? This bright and exotic color has an earthy yet vivacious feel and will make you the center of attention at any event!

6. Crème Cup $14.50 Yum..the name of this lipstick sounds more like a scrumptious pastry. The color is quite delectable as well, appearing as a shade a bit more neutral for women that desire a more natural sheen to their lips. It is a lighter blue-pink color that is perfect for a mid-afternoon tea party or a lovely date with that special someone.

7. Lady Danger $14.50 Beware ladies, this color is extremely dangerous! With the application of this fiery coral red matte lip color, you’ll instantly transform into the part of the femme fatale. The color is vivid and bright with deep orange undertones. If you want to make a powerful and bold statement, wear it in the evening for a night out filled with adventure.


8.Plink $14.50 Who doesn’t absolutely adore a pink lipstick to match the flushed apples of your cheeks! And with the imminent arrival of warm Spring days it is the perfect accessory for those loose flowing little dresses you’ll soon be digging out of your closet. Similar to the beige and earthy neutral colors of  the beach, this lipstick is a warm seashell pink. The gleam on your lips is delightfully sweet. So perfect for a beautiful Spring day reminiscent of the sea shore.

9.Frou $14.50 This particular lip-stick color carries a definite sophistication and class. It is a subtle yet deep color you’ll have difficulty matching elsewhere. The color is magnificent; a soft beige with accents of silver shimmer running throughout. If the angelic look is what you’re looking to achieve, smooth this MAC shade across your naked lips and your face will emit a dewy warmth all day!

10.Impassioned $14.50 Last but certainly not least. If you consider yourself a dare-devil of some sorts, rock this amazing color which is nothing less than an amped-up fuchsia. Like the very name of the lipstick, it will leave you totally impassioned from within. Be confident ladies and accentuate your beautiful lips with eye popping color!