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Retail Customer Service Provided By…The Tablet

Retail Customer Service Provided By…The Tablet

Retailers are embracing technology by providing consumers with new in-store gadgets used to digitize the shopping experience.  Lately, you’ve probably noticed a touch-screen television, an iPad or some sort of digital device in your favorite stores.

Case in point: for the not-so-tech-savvy, a trip to C. Wonder might anger you when the cashier pulls out what seems to be an iPhone as you approach the register.  Don’t be alarmed, that’s no regular iPhone and he or she is not about to send a tweet about tonight’s plans.  This device is capable of scanning your entire purchase, calculating your total, communicating with the cash drawer and much more.

This year, Guess used the GlobalBay iPad Retailing App to launch an initiative that placed iPads in stores nationwide.  The app allows retailers to leverage their existing operational procedures by taking them a step further.  From point-of-sale to inventory management, the app allows for an enhanced business-to-consumer interaction.

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Technology is literally at our fingertips and retailers have taken note.  Comparison shopping has reached a whole new level as a quick swipe and a few taps on an iPhone, Android or tablet will pull up an item along with where you can get it and for how much.

Can’t help but wonder, if these gadgets are capable of…well, everything, where does that leave the sales associates and customer service representatives?  Will consumers gravitate more towards the screens or the faces?  Long term, what does this mean for retail jobs?  Not to worry just yet because unless you’re talking robots that can count inventory or deal with an angry customer, humans will prevail.