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NYFW | Timo Weiland RTW Fall 2012

NYFW | Timo Weiland RTW Fall 2012


Hailing from Seattle, I know a thing or two about grunge.  Walking out into a day long drizzle ahead, your options tend to be limited and your mood…less than bright.  Grunge comes out of a literal darkness, a boredom, a freedom, and a carelessness.  Timo Weiland took these attitudes into great consideration for their latest line, with grunge being the obvious undertone.  However, they took out the boredom and carelessness and replaced it with invention and effortless style.

Both contributing designers, Timo and Alan Eckstein, grew up in artistic environments…and both know the urban lifestyle, while still respecting an agrestic energy and aesthetic.  Their love for travel and history is apparent in their Ready to Wear line for Fall 2012, which displays Timo Weiland’s intrinsic synchronicity between fabric texture, color and draping.  We love the above design, a skirt that almost appears to be a flannel tied round her waist…but made much more interesting as a skirt.  The over-sized sweater and fur color are a brilliant play on balance.  Also shown amidst the lady’s looks, were some very timeless mens designs…including this sharp leather sleeved, plaid version of a baseball jacket.











Timo’s evolution of the maxi length was a favorite…layering opposite textures and prints, splicing them, and revealing another.  Creating elevation difference really added intrigue to a nearly overdone hemline.











Although one could have read their menswear as ‘safe’…there was a more subtle leap noticed in their color and textile pairing, than the actual designs themselves.  Showing off a man’s ability to wear floral and magenta in all the right ways was brave and wonderfully executed.











These last three were my favored picks…so enthralled with the rich, jewel-toned velvets and the cuts.  Having a cut-away back on an elegant dress is a great way to showcase one of the most attractive areas on the female.  And the ‘mullet’ style hem on this plum sleeveless shirt is a perfect way to show off an awesome pair of high-waisted anythings.  The middle look is something I’m excited to try…laying tights, socks, and two skirts together??  It looks chic and so, so warm.