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Natural Hand Cream From The Soap & Paper Factory

Natural Hand Cream From The Soap & Paper Factory

WHAT IT IS: A rich, handcrafted, subtly scented emollient cream full of essential oils.  Packed with ultra-hydrating shea butter, meadowfoam, borage oil, vitamins, minerals and amino acids to feed dry skin, Soap & Paper Factory Hand Cream is the ultimate in natural skin nourishment.  Each one comes in a beautiful, recyclable aluminum tube with stunning floral designs.


Hand Cream Scents include:

  • Geranium: laced with patchouli and ylang ylang, this scent imparts balance and energy
  • Gardenia: mysterious, alluring and feminine, a truly irresistible blend
  • Lavender: a calming stress-reliever, perfect for bedtime application
  • Green Tea: a pure, crisp, detoxifying aroma that awakens the senses
  • Verbena: a truly uplifting woody, floral scent
  • Jasmine: an intoxicating, flower fragrance that promotes inner peace

Soap & Paper Factory founders Lisa Devogelear and Shannon Burch choose the finest ingredients to create the highest-quality-possible beauty products for home and body.

The combination of exquisite fragrances and beautifully designed, earth friendly packaging allow Soap & Paper Factory to bring serious luxury (not to mention a fun, indulgent femininity) to the “natural” space.



WHERE TO FIND THEM: www.soapandpaperfactory.com