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Nails That Won’t Pinch This St. Patty’s Day

Nails That Won’t Pinch This St. Patty’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day can be fun for everyone…the energy, the beer, the green.  Wait, you don’t own anything green??  You hate how sallow it makes you look?  You just really wanted to wear that red sweater?  Never fear, there are other options!

A quick and easy way to incorporate a little shamrock green into your St. Patty’s Day getup is to dress your nails up!  Our awesome recruiter, Katie, showed us what’s up when she arrived today with these lucky littles.  This is what she used and how she did it:

The Polish:

"Pretty Edgy" by Essie













The Clover:

CinaPro Nail Art Pen - White











The Coat:

"3-Way Glaze" base by Essie


1. Coat nails at least twice with “Pretty Edgy” by Essie

2. After nails are dry, use the nail art pen to draw a four leaf clover on one or more nails

3. If you mess up or need to fill in an edge a little more, use a toothpick to guide the white pen polish while it’s still wet

4. Let shamrock dry, then top your nails with Essie’s 3-Way glaze to seal the deal


…Happy St. Patrick’s Day, style lovers!