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Mr. Lagerfeld-Let Us Count the Ways

Mr. Lagerfeld-Let Us Count the Ways

Lately we’ve seen an increase in job descriptions that have become what we like to call “slash jobs.”  Also known as wearing many hats, slash jobs entail more than your average bullet list of job requirements.  To survive in today’s economy and remain relevant, one must be willing to branch out and be unafraid to dip your toes in pools outside your area of expertise.

Karl Lagerfeld is a good example as he’s got his toes in almost every pool possible.  The man likes to dabble and we can respect that.  He’s everywhere and he’s continuing to add value to his name, his work and his legacy.

Let us count the ways.  Our top five favorite things that Karl Lagerfeld does:

1. Designer Turned Political Cartoonist

As of last Friday, March 2, French magazine Elle will publish a series of political cartoons by Mr. Lagerfeld.  As the French presidential election approaches, this designer feels the need to send a message.

“L’Oeil de Karl” will be published every Friday until election time.  The sketches will offer an unbiased slant on the political climate.  The first sketch features each presidential candidate wrapped up in scarves in their party’s colors.  The caption reads, “Couvrez vous bien et attention aux extinctions de voix.” This translates into the could-be subliminal message: “Wrap up warm and be careful not to lose your voice.”


2. Karl Lagerfeld for Hogan-Studded Glory

In 2010 Diego Della Valle, founder, president and chief executive of Tod’s, the company that owns  Hogan, enlisted Mr. Lagerfeld to create a capsule collection with the intent of increasing brand awareness and visibility.  The designer created a line of footwear for the spring/summer 2010 season and started a relationship with Hogan that continues today.

In his fourth collaboration with Hogan, he placed a personal touch on the Fall 2012 collection of Karl Lagerfeld for Hogan.  This season he went to work on the original “Interactive” sneaker designed by Della Valle by adding embroidery, raised studs and paisley to the leather sneaks.  The footwear was made to coordinate with the handbags and the outwear stayed true to the sparkles and studs vibe.


3. Karl.com-If Eponymous Needs To Be Used In A Sentence

Once you become so skilled in your craft that you can successfully launch your own online company, under your own name, doing what you’ve been doing for years, you’ve reached Mr. Lagerfeld’s level.  Last month, Karl.com went live and so the world of Lagerfeld grew to offer product personally influenced by the man himself.

The new line, Karl, is available exclusively online and features apparel, footwear and accessories.  Catering to the new breed of edgy, stylish and social media savvy clientele, Karl represents its namesake with street-couture designs and attainable luxury prices.


4. Chanel-Coco Would Be Proud

Of the many designer labels and couture houses, only Chanel can boast a heritage so glamorous and deeply committed to timeless fashion that it has stood the test of time and continues to thrive.  At the helm of the house of Chanel stands Mr. Lagerfeld dressed in black, shades on, cut-off gloves intact and the infamous silver ponytail.  Nothing more needs to be said as “Chanel” plus “Karl Lagerfeld” speaks volumes.


5. Fendi-In Case You Didn’t Know

Italian luxury defined: Fendi.  What many may not realize is that the man behind the brand is none other than Mr. Lagerfeld.  He joined Fendi as a designer in 1965, launched the house’s first ready-to-wear fur collection in 1969 and in 1977 he launched ready-to-wear collections for men and women.

Under his creative guidance, Fendi expanded its product line to include denim, fragrance, and gifts.  Going strong for over 40 years, the partnership between house and designer remains a success.  Fendi’s Fall 2012 RTW collection demonstrates the innovative and forward-thinking work of Mr. Lagerfeld.  Futuristic silhouettes, luscious furs and supple leathers were structured in Fendi fashion with a couple of special touches made to be gazed upon.


For your never-ending, determination to impact and innovate the fashion world and beyond, Mr. Lagerfeld, we name you Employee of The Month.  Congratulations.