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Moves Like Wrangler

Moves Like Wrangler

Forget leather paneling, prints or waxed effects…denim has booked itself a trip to the softer side.  With winter’s chill upon us, our gams may be feeling as bone dry as the threads we typically squeeze them into.  One company, however, has tapped into what women really want out of their jeans.  Wrangler just launched the first ever pair of moisturizing denim with leggy Lizzie Jagger backing the campaign.

Denim Spa will consist of a line of skinny stretch denim infused with natural moisturizing oils and butters to fend off skinny jean dermal dehydration.  Miss Jagger, who tested and wore the jeans herself for this launch stated that “after a day wearing Denim Spa, my legs feel great – they come out feeling more silky than usual.”

Wrangler plans to sell three styles (or shall we say flavors?)…one in an Aloe Vera finish, which Lizzie describes as feeling “a little cooler than regular jeans,” along with an Olive Extract and a Smooth Legs version.  While the first two promise just what the line’s title suggests, the third is standing out as the most appealing since it boasts an anti-cellulite formula containing algae extracts, caffeine, and retinol.  We have no idea how this wouldn’t feel like wearing an oily coffee filter all day, but according to a test study by France’s Institut Adriant, 69 percent recorded a visible difference in the appearance of cellulite…so it could be worth the try.

This all sounds a little too good to be true…what’s the catch?  Well, the ingredients only really last you 15 wears.  But never fear, there are refills available!  So if you’re feeling dried out, too curious not to try, or are a super fan of slimming wraps you can snag a pair of your very own Denim Spa from ASOS on January 28 for $136.