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Milan Spring 2013: Gucci

Milan Spring 2013: Gucci

By this time, if you haven’t seen Gucci’s spring collection that graced us a couple days ago, we have to admit that you’re missing out on something special.

Designer Frida Giannini explains in her interview with D.Repubblica.it and The Huffington Post Style section that her stunning rainbow of a show was inspired by a visit to Gagosian Gallery in New York City. Italian painter Lucio Fontana was the true hero of this story, as his works of art encouraged Giannini to use full palettes of bright, solid color, and with her simple, tasteful silhouettes, true magic was made.

The delicious range from hot pink, to cerulean, to teal, to emerald to chartreuse (we were being serious when we said rainbow) was remarkable – something like a Pantone color grid, but with perfectly tailored ruffles – and sexy.

Giannini struck gold when she paired large, ornate jewelry with her most modest designs, triggered by what she calls, “fake Liz Taylor jewels.”

Check out the entire collection at Style.com, and click below to see the full interview.