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Men’s Style: Wrist Watching

Men’s Style: Wrist Watching

According to recent reports, Apple Inc. has been testing a watch-like device that could bring a unique product to the market: a gadget that combines the age-old stability of a watch with the technology of a smart phone.

Although it is unclear at this point what Apple’s designers have under wraps, Apple’s new concept has endless possibilities. Take for example, a product of a similar nature, which goes by the name of Pebble (shown below). As a 21st century watch, created by Pebble technology, Pebble brings the capabilities of a smartphone to the convenience of your wrist.

Want to get alerts from Facebook, Twitter, incoming calls, weather, your calendar, SMS and email? Now you can – on your wrist. Pebble can alert a user of all of the above with a simple vibrating notification. With a shake of the wrist, the notifications are dismissed. It even has apps!

Apple and Pebble aren’t the only companies trying out technology when it comes to timepieces. Bieger & Funk has produced QLOCKTWO W, an innovative watch with a square grid of 110 letters that illuminate to tell the time (pictured right). It’s even available in other languages including French and German.

Despite the buzz created around this new breed of the digital timepieces, we think watches have a bright future.

A watch not only functions as a timepiece but also as a timeless symbol of who a man aspires to be and how he presents himself. As men’s online retailer Mr. Porter put it, a watch company president once framed the situation by saying: ‘You can’t wear a Porsche on your wrist. We wear watches to tell the world who we think we are, whether that’s an action man in an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak or an aesthete with a Patek Philippe pocket watch.’

The first wristwatch was created in 1868, and from there, its usefulness gained popularity during the First World War when wristwatches were widely used as a replacement for pocket watches. Soldiers who needed a hands-free way to check the time used these “trench watches” and eventually they phased out pocket watches to create the watches we have and use today.

So despite the looming evolution of the 21st century watch, there are still benefits to tradition:

1. A watch can demonstrate your style – whether cutting edge, classic, refined, or casual. There are some good looking digital watches out there and although we wouldn’t recommend wearing them with a business suit, they’re great for the athlete or man-on-the-go.

2. You don’t need to be a billionaire to dress like one and you certainly don’t have to be a badass to have a badass watch. It’s all in the details. Take for instance, the sleek details in this Junghans X Max Bill Stainless Steel Automatic Watch (far left) or an Omega watch, a brand that has been securely on the wrists of 007′s since the film Goldeneye in 1995. Recently, Omega also released a limited edition Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M watch (left) in honor of the 2012 film Skyfall.

3. Watches can also help add color to your wardrobe. Switching it up can be done at a low cost by with the simple changing out the band. This Timex Andros Watch for J. Crew with interchangeable striped and solid watch straps in various colors is a good choice – or any watch from the the Miansai by Michael Saiger collection will do.

Whether you’re a techie or a traditional watch type of guy, some wrist action is very necessary to polish off your look.