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Meet Randy

Meet Randy

Name: Randy Heil

Title: VP JBCStyle Fashion Recruiters

Location: New York, NY

Recruiting specialty: Luxury

I became a recruiter because … I wanted to finally get paid for all those years of connecting companies and talent

Favorite designer: Paul Smith/Calvin Klein/Etro

Celebrity crush: Chris Meloni

Favorite place in NYC: My apartment

Interview horror story: Final interview, candidate opens with “who wears this stuff”?! And we’re done…

Best interview tip: In addition to email, always send your interviewer a thank you note via US Post – people love getting something other than junk, bills and bad news in the mail

Favorite accessory: Pocket squares/scarves/watches/shoes/LOVE accessories!

If I could be an animal I would be … Rylee (my boss’s dog) – what a life!

Dream vacation: Ibiza

Sweet or salty: Salty

In my spare time I … Should exercise, give back philanthropically, make the world a greener place, etc … instead I actually watch “Real Housewives of (fill in all cities except OC)”

Fashion or Beauty Tip: Quality not quantity

Favorite item in my closet: My Monogrammed Handmade Velvet Slippers

Restaurant I would recommend: The Odeon in Tribeca (especially for brunch or very late night Friday/Saturday)

Favorite music artist/band: A few favorites in alphabetical order – Adele/Annie Lennox/Cher/Cyndi Lauper/Debbie Harry/Grace Jones/K.D. Lang/Kylie/Lady Gaga/Madonna/Mary J. Blige/Sade/Stevie Nicks … you get the idea

Favorite quote: “I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best.” - Oscar Wilde