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Meet Mindy

Meet Mindy

Name: Mindy Worel  

Title: Senior VP of JBCconnect

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Recruiting specialty: Creative and Digital Space

I became a recruiter because …  I love people, art, and the amazing things that come out of the two when we work in groups.

Favorite designer: Oscar de la Renta

Celebrity crush: Christopher Watkins

Favorite place in Los Angeles: Huntington Botanical Gardens

Interview horror story: When a candidate came with his mistress to the interview and then insisted that I interview her as well.

Best interview tip: Be prepared! Where are you going, who are you talking to and what are they most interested in seeing from you.

If I could be an animal I would be …  A cat

Dream vacation: Grand Tour of Europe

Sweet or salty: Salty then sweet

In my spare time I … Read, write, cook, and drown myself in music

Fashion or Beauty Tip: Wear what looks good on you, not just what is in style

Restaurant I would recommend: Los Balcones Del Peru

Favorite music artist/band: This week it is Polica and Alabama Shakes