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Meet Lisa

Meet Lisa

Name:  Lisa Russo

Title: Talent Acquisition Executive

Location: New York, NY

Recruiting specialty: Advanced Contemporary collections/Luxury

I became a recruiter because … I love helping people find their dream job

Favorite designer: Marc Jacobs <3

Celebrity crush: Jon Hamm

Favorite place in New York City: Soho

Interview horror story:  Anyone that stalks me

Best interview tip: Be confident

Favorite accessory:  Marc Jacobs (collection) handbag & rose gold earrings

If I could be an animal I would be … A lion

Dream vacation: Italy

Sweet or salty: Both

In my spare time I … like to read, run, spend time with friends and family and people watch

Fashion or Beauty Tip: Always wear lipstick

Favorite item in my closet: Anything by Vince

Restaurant I would recommend: Maz Mezcal

Favorite music artist/band: Pearl Jam

Favorite quote: “And it’s never going to be the same because the years are falling by like rain and it could be me and I could be strange but I keep hearing voices in my head singing here comes change.”