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Meet Christina

Meet Christina

Name: Christina Mazurowski

Title: Director, Creative Talent Acquisition JBCconnect

Location: New York, NY

Recruiting specialty: Creative Talent – Art Directors, Creative Directors, ad agency pros, and digital techy’s


I became a recruiter because …  I love design, I love creatives, and I love NY!

Favorite designer: Paula Scher

Celebrity crush: Adam Levine

Favorite place in NYC: Bryant Park and/or the Flat Iron Building

Best interview tip: Don’t smoke a cigarette before you walk in and don’t take a bath in cologne

Favorite accessory: Sunglasses

If I could be an animal I would be …  A llama. Hands down. There’s no fighting it.

Dream vacation: St. Croix

Sweet or salty: Salty

In my spare time I … Paint, play volleyball, make spray paint stencils, and watch design/culture documentaries on Netflix

Fashion or Beauty Tip: Two words … dry shampoo

Favorite item in my closet: My Rag & Bone ivory sweater

Restaurant I would recommend: Fatty’s Café in Astoria. Holla!

Favorite music artist/band: Justin Timberlake, WuTang, Amy Winehouse, Girl Talk, Adele

Favorite quotes:

Think outside the box, collapse the box, & take a f*#king sharp knife to it” – Banksy

I’d be nowhere without my mates… true friends. Hardest thing to find, but you never look for them – they find you; you just grow into each other… We all stick together. Me and my dastardly crew.” - Keith Richards