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Meet Carrie

Meet Carrie

Name: Carrie Zwiebach

Title: SVP Recruitment & Training

Location: The one and only NYC

Recruiting specialty: Finding a diamond in the ruff

I became a recruiter because … Bryan picked me up in a Dunkin Donuts

Favorite designer: Anyone who makes clothing small enough to fit me

Celebrity crush: Matt Bomer (if you don’t know him, he’s the hottie on White Collar)

Favorite place in New York City: This is a tough one but I’d have to say The Great Lawn in Central Park during the summer. It’s beautiful and brings back the most amazing childhood memories of hanging out with my friends.

Interview horror story: Our office used to be the size of a cardboard box and we had this couch that looked like it had been taken off the street. I was sitting on it with a candidate and the office dog Pax, who at the time was a six year old in his prime, jumped up and started going at it with the pillow…

Best interview tip: DO YOUR RESEARCH!!! I’m so appalled by the amount of times a client tells me that the person they met wasn’t familiar with their company. Seriously??!!! If you can’t do a Google search, you don’t deserve to have a new job…

Favorite accessory: My Hermes black enamel “H” bracelet. It’s timeless and goes with EVERYTHING!

If I could be an animal I would be … Rylee Madison Zaslow. She is the most beautiful Chocolate Lab and she gets to come to JBCStyle everyday; which I’m not sure I could live without!

Dream vacation: Going back to the village in Fiji where I spent a summer building a house for the village school teacher. Nevertheless, it was one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever been on!

Sweet or salty: SALTY

In my spare time I … Walk around Manhattan aimlessly, it’s my personal serenity

Fashion or Beauty Tip: Natural is so much better

Favorite item in my closet: Black Supplex Danskin Leggings, I have about 12 pairs of them!

Restaurant I would recommend: Crispo – I actually do recommend it to everyone I know and they all fall in love!

Favorite music artist/band: Not sure about these days but I used to be obsessed with Third Eye Blind, GooGoo Dolls, Guster, etc … and when I hear their music now I’m in heaven

Favorite quote: “Live, Love, Learn & Laugh”