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Meet Bryan

Meet Bryan

Name: Bryan J. Zaslow

Title: President/Chief Executive Officer

Location: Everywhere

Recruiting specialty: Those hard to fill roles. ‘No’ is not a word in recruiting, it’s just an obstacle.



I became a recruiter because … When I was awarded the national contract to support the American Cancer Society I felt I needed to quit my job working as a lawyer in finance and focus on the business full time. To appease my wife – who just got back to NY with me from my last business endeavor in Charlotte, NC – I told her I would open a fashion recruiting agency. Lori was a fashion recruiter and I used to listen to her all the time and think to myself oh, this would be easy and perfect for me. Fast forward six years and here we are.

Favorite designer: Ralph Lauren – for his eye, for his mind and for his entrepreneurship.

Celebrity crushGiada De Laurentiis

Favorite place in New York CityCentral Park

Interview horror storyOh my godWhere do I start? Is it the time we physically had to remove a woman from our office who I swore was possessed by the devil as her pupils turned red or was it the time a candidate with an Adam’s Apple and a beard who was clearly a man showed up in a dress and held himself out as a female candidate. How about when a candidate was drunk during their interview with our client?!

Best interview tip: “Don’t eat yellow snow.” Okay, fine, a real interview tip … in 2005 candidates could do little wrong, but today you are competing against thousands for the same limited roles. Every unemployed person is applying for the same job you are even though they are not qualified. This establishes obstacle #1 – dilution. It is critical to separate yourself from the crowd and from the very first impression through the last. You need to become memorable and relevant; there’s nowhere better to do that than on your interview. If you can go into your interview prepared to interview your interviewer – seeking their input and response on thought provoking and critical questions related to their current work environment, corporate culture and recent press – you will leave your interview engaged and leave the interviewer thinking of you and your questions versus questioning you.

Favorite accessory: A powerful watch

If I could be an animal I would be … A dolphin

Dream vacation: One year traveling the world

Sweet or salty: Salty

In my spare time I … Cannot get enough quality time with my children nor quality time with my running sneaks

Fashion or Beauty Tip: Be true to yourself

Favorite item in my closet: My Newton Running sneaks

Restaurant I would recommend: Bella Blu

Favorite music artist/band: Nickelback

Favorite quote: “The heroes of the past are untouchable, protected forever by the fortress door of time – unless some mysterious stranger magically turns up with a key.”