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Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Design Comfy Footwear

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Design Comfy Footwear

If you’re like us and have never heard the words fashionable and bowling shoes used in the same sentence, you’ll be pleasantly surprised after seeing what our favorite fashion designer twins are up to.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, known for their daringly, individual style and also for their clothing lines, have just released a new sneaker design for their Elizabeth & James collection.  The athletic inspired sneaks will be available early next year for $275 at luxury retailer Bergdorf Goodman.











The Elizabeth & James collection is one of many brands under the Dualstar Entertainment Group, a company in which the entrepreneurial twins have owned since 2004.  The collection, named after the faternal twins younger brother and older sister, was launched in 2007 when they were just 20 years old.

Ashley Olsen explained their target customer as women in their “early 20s, figuring out life and just experimenting.”   When Elizabeth & James was released, the moguls admitted they believed it would do well for them; and they were right. The trend-setting beauties are each said to have a net worth of over $150 million at only 26 years of age.

The new sneaker has fashion lovers excited not only because of its unique and stylish design; but also because of who designed them.  It’s no secret that the Olsen’s are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to trendsetting.  The two are not afraid to be adventurous in fashion; a quality that everyone from celebrities to teenage girls look-up to.



Some critics are saying the shoe is simply ‘ugly’ and ‘unstylish’, but we think everyone should hold out on judgment until they actually hit stores.  Seriously, how stylish can a sneaker actually be?  We have a little feeling the bowling shoe inspired footwear might be the new ‘it’ shoe next year considering what the hidden wedge high-top sneaker was able to accomplish this year.