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Magnum’s First U.S. Pop Up Shop

Magnum’s First U.S. Pop Up Shop

A unique experience that is blowing up in New York and big cities across the globe is.. Pop Ups. Pop Up shops offer customers an innovative way to enjoy a brand’s products with these installations. Last summer Magnum opened its first U.S. Pop Up on Prince Street in SoHo. JBCStyle was awarded this special project to staff and operate the shop from start to finish.


Magnum’s Pop Up shop became more than just a premium ice cream shop. It gained attention from outlets all over the country and garnered millions of social media impressions.


(Image from AM New York, Jason DeCrow)

Walking into the shop was an experience in itself. All furniture and designs were elaborately decorated to incorporate all things Magnum.

Creating the perfect Magnum bar was another experience in itself. First you would decide on your ice cream flavor base (chocolate or vanilla). Then you would determine what kind of chocolate dipping you wanted (white chocolate, milk chocolate or dark chocolate). Next came the toppings with luxurious choices from himalayan sea salt to culinary rose petals to goji berries.

MAgnum 4

(Image from AM New York, Jason DeCrow)

Following the success of this store, we will be making an exciting announcement about a new partnership with Unilever for summer 2017.

Are you interested in working with us? We have conquered ice cream and are open to discussing new opportunities. We are about more than fashion here at JBCStyle!