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Mad Men’s Anticipated Return

Mad Men’s Anticipated Return

Mad Men fiends rejoice!  There is a fix on our horizon, to cure this uncannily long withdrawal period.  In less than a month, our favorite double D will be gracing our televisions once again…and we couldn’t be any more excited.  Honestly, it’s been so long since the last episode that a refresher marathon is in order.

We do recall one huge happening right before the season ended, however.  Playboy Draper proposed to his kid-friendly, legs for days secretary, Megan.  Giving up the straight and narrow with Faye, only to land back with another ‘mother figure’ for the kids who knows nothing of his identity.  We were all left stewing, perplexed and perhaps a bit disheartened at the fourth season finale.

So now that we’re heading back in, anything goes.  All we have to read into for the next month are two promotion posters…the first, depicting Don Draper’s reflection on a store display window (displaying a rather familiar scandalous scene with mannequins).  The second, simply a single man falling from nowhere…and looking quite like the dapper ad man, himself.

Creator, producer, and writer Matthew Weiner had this to say about the fifth season’s imagery:

“This is a dreamlike image,” Mr. Weiner said, likening it to work of the Italian artist Giorgio de Chirico, who specialized in surreal, mannequin-like figures. The image is “a nonverbal representation of where my head is at and where the show will be.  By the end of the season, I guarantee you’ll know what it is about.”

The season begins on March 25th and will be a full two hour movie (er, episode).  So tune into AMC and let’s all give in to the temptation that is Mad Men.