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Love Wearing Zara? Now You Can Live Zara!

Love Wearing Zara?  Now You Can Live Zara!

Think back to a time when Zara didn’t exist in your life…didn’t that suck?  For years, the Spanish retailer has been our go-to for affordable style that’s right on cue…and now, your home can have the touch of magic that our wardrobes have so fondly embraced!

Although Zara Home is not a brand new venture (it has been available overseas only for a while now), we’ve been waiting patiently over here on this side of the pond to get our hands on the loot.

The collection is everything you love to love with their brand in the first place (sigh of relief, jump for joy…whichever is your take on that.)  Its bedding collection does not shy on luxe, minimalist design and lush feel.  Everything tells a rich yet rustic and a very “I’m laid back, but I care” attitude.  The color palette ranges from pale and soft off-whites and champagnes to warmer cocoas and mauve to richer wines and navy.  Zara’s taste in home textiles aren’t shy, either, displaying bedding in golden damask, paisley, animal and floral prints.  While the materials look very touchable and much of their collection reads contemporary chic, there are plenty of playful items like Union Jack drapes and lace tumblers to show your own subtle nuances in the home.

We’ve perused the entire site and picked a few items we can practically hear our rooms crying out for now: