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Looking for a Roommate in NYC? Try SpeedRoommating

Looking for a Roommate in NYC? Try SpeedRoommating

If you’re looking for a roommate or you have a room for rent in NYC and you’ve come up empty more than once, speedroommating may be right for you.  Our very own Meri-Leigh was in search of a roommate a few months ago and she recalls her experience -

“First you check Craigslist, then you do Facebook research, then the email chain begins. Finally, after you weed out the sketchy people, you can have a serious conversation.”

Now, imagine skipping those first few steps and getting straight to the serious conversation.  SpeedRoommating.com makes it possible.  With great success in the UK, the company has made its way to New York City.

I ventured up to Hell’s Kitchen to attend Tuesday night’s event held at Gossip Bar.  Accompanied by a friend for moral support, I found the experience pressure-free and overall beneficial for those seeking a roommate or those with a room for rent.

We entered the upstairs space of the bar and were met by two attendants.  After receiving and filling out our name tags, we were given a voucher for a free drink.  Obviously the next stop was the bar.

The room was filled with conversation and a low-key vibe.  The name tags also stated whether one was seeking a room or had a room for rent along with price ranges.  This was helpful depending on what your purpose was for the evening as you could easily point out with whom to speak depending on their name tag.

I found success in meeting prospective roommates and had some brief, yet informative conversations.  Such is the beauty of speedroommating; you’re not committed until you choose to be and you can continue to meet new people throughout the evening.

Often compared to speed dating, speedroommating comes with a lot less pressure and a more casual experience.  If you’re in NYC and you’re looking for a roommate or you have a room, check out SpeedRoommating.com.  The next event will be held on Feb. 7 at Gossip Bar.  Reserve your spot now.