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Kelly Ripa: On Style

Kelly Ripa: On Style

Right now I’m obsessed with all things Victoria Beckham. . .

Not only is she a brilliant designer, she truly is a fashion icon. Even pregnant with baby number four, she still looks super chic. How does she do it? She manages to run a beautiful family and a fashion empire at the same time, and somehow makes it look effortless, which takes a lot of work.

I adore the emerald colored earings Kyle Richards from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills wears. She gave me a pair when she visited my show. They are by Jennifer Miller and I love them! I wish I had someplace fancy to go so I could wear them besides when I’m watching American Idol.

I’m also obsessed with a person on twitter called @stuckinhose; he’s been challenged by a female coworker to wear pantyhose under his pants to work everyday. He comments on my tights and hosiery daily. I love that he notices how thick my tights are.

My basic style rule is to only wear what YOU feel good in, not what any magazine tells you to wear. Oh, and don’t forget to go shopping in your own closet. . .there are treasures in there – like sequins!!! Love! Can’t get enough. Maybe it’s the eighties in me, but I can’t let go of shiny things. Leggings, vests, blazers……just as long as it’s sequined I’ll wear it.