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JetBlue Pilot Charged with Interfering with the Crew

JetBlue Pilot Charged with Interfering with the Crew

We’re pretty good here at JBC – keeping up with news outside the world of fashion.  However, sometimes a story slips through the cracks and all it takes is some office chatter to get us back on track.  “Did you hear about the pilot that went crazy on the JetBlue flight?”  A quick google search and we are once again, back to being our usually well-informed selves.

On Tuesday morning, JetBlue Flight 191 (destined for Las Vegas) landed unexpectedly in Amarillo, TX after the co-pilot took over the plane.

The pilot, Captain Clayton Osbon, displayed erratic behavior moments after the plane was in the air.  According to his co-pilot, Osbon began his rant by talking about the need to “focus,” and stating “things just don’t matter.”  He was also yelling at air traffic controllers telling them to be quiet.

More frightening, Osbon allegedly proclaimed, “we’re not going to Las Vegas.”  According to documents from the US Department of Justice, Osbon was not in top form before he even stepped into the cockpit.  He arrived late and missed the preflight crew briefing.

His behavior became intolerable when the co-pilot suggested he take a trip to the bathroom in an effort to get him out of the cockpit.  Upon reaching the bathroom door, Osbon banged on the door alarming crew members and passengers.  As his behavior continued to escalate and the flight crew realized everyone on the plane was in danger, they enlisted the help of the passengers to pin him down while the flight landed in Texas.

Osbon, a 12-year veteran of the airline, is being charged with interfering with the crew and he may face up to 20 years in prison if convicted.  He was suspended from all active duties and responsibilities while the FBI continues the investigation.