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JBCStyle | Top Ten Travel Flash Sale Sites

JBCStyle | Top Ten Travel Flash Sale Sites

Flash sale websites have become a significant resource in the world of online shopping. We’ve all used them; some of us swear by them. But how about when you’re shopping for a vacation? If you’re a travel junkie on a budget, these sites offer discounted trips across the country and around the world with no detail spared.

Here’s a look at a few of our favorites, in no particular order:

1. Jetsetter 

What it is: Developed by Gilt Groupe, Jetsetter offers luxury-oriented sales for a limited amount of time on upscale travel experiences like spas and luxury hotels.

Why we like it: Jetsetter offers the best in variety. They also offer a ‘Wait List’ and have a reservation feature that allows users to pay 10% of the trip’s cost to hold the reservation for 72 hours.

2. MindBodyGreen Travel

What it is: Deeply discounted, multi-day yoga retreat and eco-resort stays in exotic locales all over the world. It features retreats, resorts, spas and all other great healthy and green getaways that fit the MindBodyGreen lifestyle.

Why we like it: MindBodyGreen presents unique trip ideas that can be very hard to plan and execute on your own. If you’re looking for inspiration and rejuvenation on your vacation, you shouldn’t miss these deals.

3. Voyage Privé 

What it is: High-end travel excursions across the globe at up to 75% off for members. New trips are introduced daily and sales last an average of six days.

Why we like it: You receive your own team of travel agents to help with every step of the trip. Goodbye stress, hello relaxation!

4. Groupenture

What it is: Adventure junkies can save up to 65% at Groupenture for activity-driven vacations on six continents — and prep ahead with free video briefings — with new itineraries introduced weekly.

Why we like it: Sometimes the hardest part of planning a trip is deciding which excursions to go on. Groupenture takes care of that for you. Plus, as more travelers join up, the price goes down. Icing on the cake: booking only requires a deposit, not full fare.

5. SniqueAway 

What it is: A TripAdvisor owned site, SniqueAway offers up to 50% off at the top-rated hotels and indulgent tours. Sales are typically available for purchase for one week with a new escape introduced each day.

Why we like it: Though the selection is usually limited to a handful of destinations, the rates make checking in every once in a while worth it.

6. Tablet Hotels

What it is: Tablet Hotels is a site that focuses on creating a list of “hotels which have personality and obsess on the details.” It does this by maintaining a network of travel experts who anonymously review hotels — those reports are passed on to Tablet’s team who review them, pick out the best and showcase them on the site. Tablet’s listings are discounted at up to 50% off.

Why we like it: The site features a customer rating scale and if a hotel falls below an average of 15 points (out of 20) on customer ratings, the hotel is automatically removed from the site’s selection. As an added bonus, users earn $10 with every booking and $25 when an invitee books for the first time.

7. Vacationist 

What it is: Presented by Luxury Link and Travel + Leisure, Vacationist features sales at up to 40% off on fine hotels around the world. Sales last between three to seven days, or until sold out.

Why we like it: Vacationist offers an exclusive “Hotel Report” from the editors of Travel + Leisure, which includes details like hotel features, awards, nearby airports and insider tips.

8. Groupon Getaways 

What it is: Like other Groupon products, Groupon Getaways members buy a travel voucher that can be redeemed within a certain period — typically, a few months to a year, based on availability. Deals are available on the site for about a week.

Why we like it: There is no commitment to a travel or vacation date with Groupon Getaways. This may not be the best site for those with a Type A personality but it is certainly ideal for the spontaneous traveler.

9. HauteLook Getaways 

What it is: The service offers upscale travel packages with discounts of up to 60%. Consumers can buy full trips and stays at luxury and boutique hotels. Shoppers can view photos of hotels, read reviews from other travelers and book trips from the HauteLook site.

Why we like it: From luxury and boutique hotels to full trip packages, each featured getaway is specifically selected as inspiration for HauteLook members to discover new destinations or indulge in an exciting escape without breaking the bank.

10. LivingSocial Escapes

What it is: LivingSocial offers escape deals that focus on handpicked experiences and travel packages that can be shared with friends. They also offer deals that include unique adventurous deals known as ‘LivingSocial Adventures.’

Why we like it: After you buy the deal, you’ll get a unique link to share. If three people buy the deal using your link, then your deal is free. And nothing is better than a free trip!