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JBCStyle | Top Ten Stocking Stuffers Under $50

JBCStyle | Top Ten Stocking Stuffers Under $50

Stocking stuffers…often the most underrated, under appreciated gift of the holiday season.  And why wouldn’t it be, when the result is normally socks and razors?  Although these are necessities and useful, why not personalize your smaller gifts this year?  Here’s our compilation of the season’s best gifts for your favorite personalities:


1. For the Beauty Adventuress:  Nails Inc. Magnetic Polish$16










First crackle nails, then ombre nails, now MAGNETIC nails?!  This gift is sure to please the girl who’s just gotta try the next big thing.


2. For the Francophile:  Savon de Marseille with Crushed Flowers$12











Straight from the South of France, this indulgent soap c’est tres magnifique!  Scents include: Crushed Verbena, Grapevine, Rosepetal, Lavender, and Orange Blossom.

3.  For the Fab Foodie:  Mo’s Bacon Bar Library (dark and milk chocolate) – $33










The perfect marriage of sweet and savory happens when you bite into this treat.  Give this gift to your most sophisticated eater this year!


4.  For the Manly Man:  Portland General Store Whiskey Aftershave$18











Instead of letting him brush his teeth with a bottle of Jack…give your man this whiskey aftershave!  Rather than wreaking of last night’s libations, he’ll be left with a studly woodsman scent.  A gift for him AND for you!


5.  For the Music Addict:  Rebecca Minkoff Zipped Up Ear Buds$48














Know someone who has a soundtrack to everyday?  Get them these chic earbuds, unique with black pyramid stud and zipper detail.


6. For the Brand Wh…Queen:  Marc by Marc Jacobs Lock$20-$50














This little ray of sunshine is sure to please the special someone in your life who lives for designer everything…even their gym lock.


7.  For the Domestic Goddess:  Voluspa Makassar Ebony & Peach Candle$6.50-$48













This is the best candle there ever was…trust us.  Get this for anyone who loves a smell good home and they’ll love you for always.


8.  For the Down to Earths:  Brooklyn Slate Coasters$36









This little bundle of goodness is a fitting gift for that person in your life who loves to be outdoors…or just to feel more at one with nature.


9.  For the Spirited Spirit Afficienado:  Teroforma Whiskey Stones$20










This one goes out to those who like to order their whiskey neat at the bar.  Now he/she can keep their beloved dram chilled (but not watered down) with these brilliant soapstone ‘icecubes’.


10.  For the Lovely Lady Lush:  Chambord Flavored Vodka$26















Lady luxe will be thrilled to receive this blackberry infused vodka…so cheers to the holidays and a Happy New Year!