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JBCStyle | Top Ten | Interview Tips

1. The interview starts three blocks before you get there. You don’t want to cut off the CEO getting into the elevator!

2. When speaking about one’s core attributes, use anecdotal and real world experiences to validate.

I manage my time effectively vs. In my previous job, I was able to balance (specific) and (specific). . .

3. Make sure you research the company - visit the store, go to their website, check them out on Google Finance, whatever it takes! In today’s media savvy world, walking into a job interview without studying the company online is inexcusable. (Keep in mind they can do the same thing to you. . . might be time to go through some of your Facebook “oldies but goodies” and weed out the “baddies”) ‘Nuff said style.

4. It is important to have an updated and specific profile on LinkedIn. Here’s a great article on Digital Media Wire about why LinkedIn is getting increasingly important in business – from a candidate and a client perspective. If you haven’t visited your profile in some time, that does not mean others haven’t. . . and there are a host of new resources made available to users. Check them out and see which ones pertain to your specific needs.

5. Your resume is not necessarily your only selling point…it IS a critical first impression (make sure you are subscribed to VIP style as only subscribers will be privy to CEO Bryan Zaslow’s upcoming report on resumes - drafting, presentation, and submission.) Do not underestimate the power of eye-contact, a firm handshake, and speaking clearly. 

6. Don’t be nervous; you are interviewing them as much as they are interviewing you. With the latter point in mind, when asked, “Do you have any questions,” make sure you are prepared with a few genuine questions prior to the interview. Others may arise during the interview, but the response, “Um, no,” usually precedes an awkward silence. . . or the dreaded, “ReallyNo questions?”

7. Be enthusiastic about the opportunity, and be able to speak about how your experience matches the responsibilities of the job. If you are not excited about the prospect of working with that company, that lack of enthusiasm generally translates.

8. PRE PRE PRE prepare. Dress the part – check the night before for missing buttons, hanging threads, etc. and that your shoes are not scuffed. Have multiple copies of your resume printed and on hand (in a neat folder), and ALWAYS be on time. . . stalk the Starbucks around the corner style.

9. Manage your responses to questions framed in the negative: “What do you find challenging about your current job?” does not necessarily force you to share a weakness. Turn the answer into a positive:

Positive: I have a hard time accepting that there isn’t enough time in one day to get everything done. 

Negative:  I don’t get along with the girl who sits next to me.

10. Practice. Spend the night before mock interviewing with a friend, a family member, or even the mirror! Your vision of how you will perform may not be the reality. . .a mock interview is invaluable.