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JBCStyle | Top Ten | Glove Love

JBCStyle | Top Ten | Glove Love


Flash back sixty or seventy so years, what wardrobe staples did you see?  Men in proper hats, women wearing slips beneath their dresses, pantyhose, garters…the works.


When you think about it, people dressed that way not only for looks, but for practicality.  One accessory that gets easily passed off in our fall and winter wardrobe is the glove.  This small, yet very important piece can give your cold weather wear so much attitude…and keep your digits warm all the while.


So in our attempt to keep practical garments in use, we went seeking some of the season’s most chic and sensible glove options.  Whether you want to channel MadMen or Drive…these finger slip-ons should come in quite handy: