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JBCStyle | Top Ten Fashion Trends to Retire

JBCStyle | Top Ten Fashion Trends to Retire

As we inch closer and closer to spring, we begin to drop the winter layers, down coats and heavy boots.

Spring is like a fresh start and we want to make sure you’re heading in the right direction – in regards to wardrobe choices that is.

It’s easy and common to revert to trends of the past because the pieces still exist in our wardrobes and repeating seems easier than starting anew.  We’ve coined this habit “wardrobe recycling.”  In this case however, recycling is bad!

There are trends out there that need to be shelved, boxed or removed completely from the list of options.

Ditch these trends, tell your friends to ditch them and don’t look back.  In no particular order as they are all equally offensive:

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Mini-skirts paired with leggings - This is only acceptable for children 13 and under.  As an adult, the playful combination makes it difficult to take someone seriously.

Wearing Uggs with mini-skirts, short dresses or shorts – Uggs are not a transitional boot.  They are meant to be worn when it is cold.  If the entire outfit says “summer” and your feet are screaming “winter,” there is an obvious lack of communication that needs to be addressed.

Grown out roots -Most recently seen on Rihanna, the overgrown-roots-look from the latest recession of 2010 was not meant to last.  If you’re still rocking this look because you haven’t made it to the salon yet, we suggest making an appointment or picking up a box of hair dye.

Sheer tights as pants – This was never right, and may have never been a trend because we hope it was just a mistake.  We wonder if the ladies guilty of pulling on sheer tights as if they were pants are aware that we can see EVERYTHING!

Harem pants – The slouchy, over-pleated, MC-Hammer-like pants had their moment.  As brief as it was, it was a high moment.  And then it was over.  Harem pants saturated the bottoms market at a crazy fast rate and therefore committed trend suicide.

Low rise jeans – Since Brittany Spears and Halle Berry made it acceptable to show some thong, everyone started doing it.  Here’s a fashion rule to keep in mind – every trend is not meant for everyone.  Unfortunately, this trend only translates well when worn on a toned figure.  The low rise jeans trend went too far when everyone thought it was okay to let it all hang out and the people said “stop.”  It’s over-exposure in it’s worst form but we constantly spot the low rise jean trend gone wrong showing up one time too many.

Gauchos – Cropped, wide-leg pants.  When could this have ever been right?  We also shudder at the thought of the gaucho-boot combo that is carried over when the warm weather subsides.  They may offer that easy, breezy feel of spring but it’s not worth it.  Ditch the gauchos and choose – short or long.

Skin-toned leggings – A monstrosity in the fashion world.  The skin-toned leggings give the illusion that a person is naked.  Furthermore, they accentuate every curve (in a bad way), every dimple and every roll.  This is an awful look for the wearer and the viewing public.

Matching accessories – From top to bottom: earrings, nails, bracelets, necklaces, belts, shoes and bag.  If they are all the same color, especially if that color is neon or the material is patent (p)leather, march right back into your home and un-match your accessories.

Velour Track Suits – The velour track suit put Juicy Couture on the map; but since the company has obviously moved on (the founders left to start a designer label), so should this velvety-soft trend.  The upside, use the comfy two-piece to lounge around at home and continue to work on the CPW (cost per wear).

Bonus: All things Ed Hardy/counterfeit Ed Hardy – If an explanation is needed as to how and why the tattoo-art trend has run its course, need we mention the similar rise and fall of Von Dutch?  Didn’t think so.