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JBCStyle | Top 10 | Summer Travel Essentials

JBCStyle | Top 10 | Summer Travel Essentials

It’s that time again; time for summer getaways!  Whether you can only sneak out of the office for a three-day weekend, or you’re going on a week-long vacation, packing is one of those mundane tasks that takes the fun out of the entire experience.  We’ve put together a list of travel essentials that will not only make packing easier – they will also make your time away effortless, fun, and stylish!

1.) Eton Rukus Solar Bluetooth Speakers, Amazon.com, $150

These awesome speakers stream straight from any bluetooth device and are powered by the sun.  Listening to your favorite tunes on the beach, by the pool, or in a hotel room has never been easier!

Eton Rukus Solar Bluetooth Speakers













2.) Powermat Wireless Charging System, Officedepot.com, $59.99

As much as we rely on our smartphones these days, it’s safe to say the feeling we get when it dies is not one to be desired. If you’re traveling far, or going on a adventurous vacation where outlets aren’t plenty, investing in a wireless charging system is a great idea.

Powermat Wireless Charging System












3.) iGear USA Headphone Splitter, igearusa.com, $4.99

Splitters allow you to plug in two sets of headphones to the same device so you can listen to music, watch a movie, or enjoy listening to anything else simultaneously.  Lay out in the sun with your bestie and rock out to your summer playlist together.

iGear USA Headphone Splitter













4.) Free People Elastic Printed Hair Ties, Freepeople.com, $10

Keep your hair out of your face and off of your neck on those hot summer days!  A fashionable upgrade from your regular hair tie, these won’t get tangled in your hair and are cute enough to wear on your wrists too!

Free People Elastic Printed Hair Ties













5.) Havaiana’s Missoni Slim Rachel, Havaianas.com, $70

We are loving this fashion collaboration!  The colors are fun for summer and are bound to match with anything in your wardrobe, which is why they are a serious travel essential. Wear them to the beach or pair them with a maxi dress for a casual dinner!

Havaiana Missoni Rachel Slim













6.) Bobbi Brown Lip Balm, Bobbibrowncosmetics.com, $15

Since it comes in a sleek and portable silver tin and is SPF 15, this lip balm is a must have for any summer traveler. Specially formulated with Wheat Germ and Olive Oil, the non-greasy formula immediately goes to work comforting and protecting lips.

Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss SPF 15













7.) Vera Wang Lovestruck Rollerball, Ulta.com, $22

Smell fab on the go with this feminine, spontaneous scent by Vera Wang.  Small enough to stow in your car, in your carry on, or in a clutch, this scent is great for summer!

Vera Wang Lovestruck Rollerball













8.) Evian Mineral Water Spray, Sephora.com, $11

Want to feel refreshed after walking off of a plane or after a road trip? This facial spray rehydrates skin suffering from dry or overheated air. It also can revive your makeup throughout the day and keep you looking fresh by replenishing much needed moisture.

Evian Mineral Water Spray












9.) Indian Jasmine Travel Candle, Luckyscent.com, $12

Candles are a great way to acclimate yourself with a new place, especially stuffy hotel rooms. This scent is subtle and floral, and burns for over 35 hours! It’s light and small, so it won’t weigh down your bag.

Indian Jasmine Travel Candle













10.) DKNY Cozy Cardigan, DKNY.com, $195

Wrap it, twist it tie it! This cozy cardigan can be worn in a ton of different ways, making it a perfect piece to pack for any vacation. Use it as a blanket on the plane, or wrap it over a dress for a chilly night out… no one will know you’re a repeat offender on this vacation!

DKNY Cozy Cardigan