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JBCStyle at New York Fashion Week – Pamella Roland

JBCStyle at New York Fashion Week – Pamella Roland

The sophisticated lady ruled the runway at Pamella Roland so JBCStyle recruiter Lisa Russo fit right in as Roland’s designs are made for the woman who is confident, polished and requires a classy wardrobe.

For fall 2013, the theme was “From Russia with Love” and the inspiration was the Winter Palace, the former home of the Russian Monarchs.  If that doesn’t set the stage for a dark, but opulent and elegant collection, each look was capable of speaking for itself.

Woven into the collection was a mix of brocade, leather, fur, tweed, and embroidery that together brought the term “heavy” to mind.  But to say the collection was “heavy” would be an easy adjective that garners the collection “too much” of something.

If one considers each look separately, as they should, Roland displayed a very wearable fall wardrobe for her target market.  Together, the theme was consistent and only lightened up slightly to offer an assortment of red carpet-ready gowns.

Lisa’s favorite picks from the show included a little bit of everything from the lightest to the darkest shades:

To view the collection in its entirety, visit wwd.com.