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JBCSpotlight: Meet Kalyn

JBCSpotlight: Meet Kalyn


Title: Talent Acquisition Executive

Location: Los Angeles

Recruiting specialty: Retail

I became a recruiter because… Fashion recruiting is the culmination of my industry knowledge, my people skills and my desire to succeed!

Favorite designer/artist: In terms of artists, I’m a huge fan of old school fashion photographer Richard Avedon. In terms of designers, I love me some YSL. But really, who doesn’t?

Celebrity crush: Javier Bardem

Favorite place in {LOS ANGELES}: The Bungalow. Yes, it’s a bar and yes, it’s fabulous.

Interview horror story: I think I’ll share a screening horror story just because I have so many. I called my candidate via Skype and guess who answered? Her shirtless husband. I was terrified. She popped out from behind him three seconds later but needless to say, the call was off to an awkward start.

Best interview tip: Find the perfect mix of professionalism, dedication to a brand or principle, and charm!

Favorite accessory: My ghetto fabulous Michael Kors gold watch.

If I could be an animal I would be… A teensy baby kitten.

Dream vacation: Southern Italy/Greek Islands combo trip. DREAMY.

Sweet or salty: Sweet! I love treats. A friend once told me in all seriousness that they were concerned I was addicted to sugar.

In my spare time I… Work out, eat good food, read, surf fashion blogs and watch The Bachelor.

Fashion or Beauty Tip: Do not invest in anything trendy, ever. Invest in the great coat, perfect pants and bad-ass boots. Go to Zara for the rest!

Favorite item in my closet: That is such a hard question. I would have to say it’s my knee-length quilted (p)leather and wool coat.

Restaurant I would recommend: Gjelina in Venice. I’ve never had anything less than a stellar meal there and you can bring your own bottles of wine.

Favorite music artist/band: I’m a huge Elton John fan. I have to see him in concert before he retires for good!