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JBCSpotlight: Meet Erika C.

JBCSpotlight: Meet Erika C.

ErikaName:  Erika Colon

Title: Talent Acquisition Specialist

Location: New York City!

Recruiting specialties:  Creative, Marketing & Advertising

I became a recruiter because … I fell in love with the thought of lending a helping hand.  Leaving the office at the end of the day knowing that I have helped someone and made them happy is absolutely heartwarming.

Favorite designer: Prada

Celebrity crush: Young John Stamos & John Travolta

Favorite place in NYC: All of NYC. When I arrive off that train in the morning my heart melts knowing I am in NYC.

Interview horror story:  Let’s just say it was quite eventful..

Best interview tip: Break the ice! Always make someone feel comfortable before you start asking questions.

Favorite accessory: All my jewelry – can’t pick just one.

If I could be an animal I would be … A giraffe – it would be awesome to feel tall for a day.

Dream vacation: To travel all of Europe

Sweet or salty: Salty – I’m a little obsessed

In my spare time I … am most likely spending time with my wonderful family.

Fashion or Beauty Tip: Vitamins improve your skin, always moisturize, and bag balm – you can use it for everything!

Favorite item in my closet: Vintage Gucci Satchel

Restaurant I would recommend: in CT, ZAZA – NYC, TAO!

Favorite music artist/band: I love all music – can’t say I have just one.

Favorite quote: “Never take anything for granted.”