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JBC Talent | Steve, Category Manager

Name: Steve

Company: Performance/Lifestyle Audio Brand

Start Date: 2012

How did you find out about JBCStyle/JBCconnect? I was approached via LinkedIn

Were you actively looking for a job or did we head hunt you? I wasn’t actively looking but when approached by JBC talent their enthusiasm and the opportunity presented was to good to pass on.

Describe your experience with your recruiter and/or JBCStyle/JBCconnect: Very attentive to detail, I was instantly attracted to JBC as this accurately describes them as well. Attentive to the opportunity for me, JBCStyle was constantly updating me and working with the firm to keep things moving in a timely fashion.

Describe your new role and what an average day consists of: A Category Manager for my new company, the product creation process demands a majority of my time but strategy and process have been a crucial undertaking in my new role.

What has been your most rewarding or satisfying experience since starting your new role? The people I work alongside and the opportunity at hand with our organization are exhilarating and a constant motivator. Our organization is just a fun place to be!

What is your favorite thing about the company culture at your new job? Their recognition of balancing time both inside and outside of work is refreshing and something I will always appreciate about our company.

Who/what inspires you? Knowing I can always be better at what I do regardless of time spent in my career drives me to a relentless pursuit of perfection every day.

What was your greatest accomplishment this past year? Process is the blueprint of any business. This said, the commercialization calendar we have been working on and the business templates we have put in place are unquestionably a great step for our company.

What are your passions and interests outside the workplace? My wife, our chocolate lab puppy as well as soccer and skiing take up all my free time.

What was the most beneficial thing you learned throughout the interview process with JBC and your recruiter? Being yourself and constantly communicating were the keys to our (JBCStyle and I) in my placement with the current firm I work for.

What was your favorite part of working with JBC? Getting hired! Seriously though…just enjoyed the friendship we were able to form during what can normally be a stressful process. This translated to a great hiring.

If you could suggest a song for JBC’s mixtape Friday what would it be? Nothing Else Matters by Metallica

If you could give JBC any suggestions to help us better your experience what would it be? I don’t have any suggestions, great experience.