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JBC Talent | Johanna, Associate Designer

JBC Talent | Johanna, Associate Designer

JohannaName: Johanna

Job Title: Associate Designer

Company:  Luxury Women’s Apparel

Start Date: September 6, 2011

How did you find out about JBCStyle/JBCconnect? StyleCareers

Were you actively looking for a job or did we head hunt you? I was actively looking for a job when I came across the posting on StyleCareers. A recruiter got back to me the morning after I submitted my resume and we had set up an interview within days!

Describe your experience with your recruiter and/or JBCStyle/JBCconnect: My experience working with JBCStyle was really great. I think this was the easiest job search/interviewing experience I have ever had because I had someone to go back to and talk about what the employer was looking for. I was able to have my voice heard and I felt that JBCStyle went above and beyond to get me the package I was looking for in a workplace.

Describe your new role and what an average day consists of: As the Associate Designer I am constantly going back and forth communicating with Italy on sample sweaters of the development of prints, approving patterns and designs as well as picking the color palette for the season to come. I am also always looking at blogs and magazines for what is going on in the industry and to see what people are wearing.

What has been your most rewarding or satisfying experience since starting your new role? It has been really rewarding to watch my ideas go from concept to reality and to get the feedback when styles are in the store that customers love the designs!

Who/what inspires you? I don’t think there isn’t a designer out there who isn’t inspired by Karl Lagerfeld and his genius. Other than that, travel and women’s lives inspire me. I love to see how we can create beautiful functional garments to enhance how women feel about themselves.

What are your passions and interests outside the workplace? Outside of the office I love to stay active and experience all that the city has to offer. There is so much art and culture to take in and it helps to recharge me and gives me new ideas to bring to work.

What was the most beneficial thing you learned throughout the interview process with JBC and your recruiter? My recruiter felt like an advocate for my needs and wants in a job. I felt I could candidly talk about what I was looking for and have someone do the negotiating for me. Working with a recruiter offers such a benefit compared to trying to job search alone; I always recommend JBCStyle to friends of mine. [Thanks!]

What was your favorite part of working with JBC? I loved how quickly and efficiently the process was, everything was streamlined by working with the JBC team.

If you could suggest a song for JBC’s mixtape Friday what would it be? Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, because really that’s what it is all about!