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JBC Talent | Debbie, Graphic & Textile Designer

JBC Talent | Debbie, Graphic & Textile Designer

Name: Debbie 

Job Title: Graphic Designer / Textile Designer

Company: Contemporary and Junior’s Apparel

Start Date: July 25, 2011

How did you find out about JBCStyle/JBCconnect? I was contacted by a recruiter

Were you actively looking for a job or did we head hunt you? I was head hunted

Describe your experience with your recruiter and/or JBCStyle/JBCconnect: Great, very attentive

Describe your new role and what an average day consists of: Creating Graphics, Textiles, and Brand Development

What has been your most rewarding or satisfying experience since starting your new role? Really developing my textile abilities

What is your favorite thing about the company culture at your new job? I have a great Art Director who really guides me

Who/what inspires you? My environment, other designers, and feedback

What are your passions and interests outside the workplace? Hiking, traveling, camping

What was your favorite part of working with JBC? They work fast

If you could suggest a song for JBC’s mixtape Friday what would it be? Anything Alabama Shakes