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JBC Interview | Get to Know T.V. Carpio

JBC Interview | Get to Know T.V. Carpio

After only a few seconds into our chat with T.V. (Teresa Victoria) Carpio, we realized our questions about Fashion’s Night Out and New York Fashion Week weren’t going to be the focus of the conversation.  This multi-talented performer isn’t one for labels and can appreciate a good deal;  she’s also into re-purposing and designing her own clothing.

So, who is T.V. Carpio?  The “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark” star (T.V. played Arachne, an eternal web-weaving goddess) is steadily making a name for herself on stage, on screen and in the music studio.  In her role as Arachne, T.V. was a member of the Broadway cast originally directed by Julie Taymor.  Although wildly successful, the musical will go down in Broadway history as one of the most expensive productions with the longest preview period.  Despite the accidents and controversy, T.V. shined as the arachnid that gave Spider-Man his superhero powers.

Next up for T.V. was “Limitless” (2011) alongside Bradley Cooper where she played Valerie, a law student who becomes the romantic interest of Eddie Mora (Cooper) after he pops his first NZT pill.  As our chat goes in and out of entertainment, T.V. reveals she would like to work with Joseph Gordon Levitt in the future – and who wouldn’t?

Performing runs in her blood and ever since her big break came from Spike Lee, who cast her in 2004′s “Sucker Free City,”  T.V. has kept herself busy; and it doesn’t stop at acting – T.V. also sings.  Her mother, Teresa Carpio, is a famous singer in Asia so T.V. is naturally quite comfortable in the studio and was able to showcase her voice in the “Spider-Man” musical with the members of U2.

In another attempt to shift the conversation over to fashion, she reveals her disgust of “who wore it best” lists and another talent that entails re-purposing cashmere and wool sweaters into sweater coats.  Her inspiration stemmed from Etsy, where she purchased a tutorial from Katwise, the sweater coat super seller who is also based in Brooklyn, NY.  With a pile of cashmere and wool sweaters, T.V. went to work on her serger and is starting a sweater coat collection of her own.

That brings us to Fashion Week.  Some designer labels that top her list are Christian Dior, Zac Posen and J. Mendel.  The latter being the label of Mr. Gilles Mendel, the father of T.V.’s stepsister Chloe Mendel.  Adding to the list of acting and singing, it seems fashion design also runs in the family.

3 Questions for T.V.:

What item(s) in your closet do you adore the most?  A custom-made lambskin, leather motor-jacket that was made for her “Spider-Man” performance and anything vintage – especially if it appeals to her love of the 20′s swing dancing era.

Who/what is your fashion inspiration?  Movies.  For example, she searched forever for the perfect pair of knee-high, black platform boots similar to those in the movie “The Runaways.”

What’s your motto?  “Work hard, but play harder. And always, always find a way to do what you love.”

Check out a sneak peak of T.V.’s sweater coat collection: