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JBC Employees of the Month

JBC Employees of the Month

Employees of the Month – November


Congratulations, JBCPlatform!

The JBCPlatform team (left to right: Allen, Lissette, Mike, Jessica and Ray) stood out as Employees of the month for November – and what a month it was! Their greatest accomplishment was achieved when they successfully filled 1,200 roles for a major apparel retailer in a matter of three weeks when they were only a team of four (Lissette joined later) – all the while maintaining relationships and filling positions with existing clients.

The seven-day work weeks during that time period consisted of 12-hour shifts that can only be possible (and endurable) with the right people by your side. As stated by Ray:

“What makes this team amazing is how we click and back each other up on everything. We’re an all-in type of team. All of us made different sacrifices to make this happen!”

Get to know JBCPlatform:

Favorite Quotes

Mike: “POW!”

Allen: “…yeah, yeah…”

Jessica: “Why didn’t you go to work?”

Lissette: “I have a question…”

Ray: “Mint!” and “Big things!”

Team wise: “If you’re not first, you’re last.” and “Do or do not….there is no try!”

Fun Facts

Allen is secretly a dancer and puts hot sauce on EVERYTHING!!!!

Mike is secretly Santa Claus.

Jessica once dressed up as an Easter bunny to cover a temp who didn’t show up to work.

Ray disguised himself to work as an overnight picker at a client in order to save the client. It worked.

Lissette works full time at Best Buy.

All of Platform loves Chipotle!

All are big fans of the NFL. Mike and Allen are Giants fans. Ray and Jessica are Patriots fans (Ray also likes the Bills). Lissette is confused about football and thinks the Jaguars are the team to beat.