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JBC Employee of the Month

JBC Employee of the Month

Employee of the Month – September

Emily Schwartz

Congratulations, Emily!

Get to know our September Employee of the Month:

Title: Talent Acquisition Executive

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Recruiting specialty: Designers

I became a recruiter because … I’m crazy.  No, really because it merges my love for fashion with my love to constantly meet new people.

Favorite designer/artist: Martin Margiela and Maria Cornejo

Celebrity crush: Aaron Paul

Favorite place in Los Angeles: Driving along the Pacific Coast Highway

Interview horror story: A candidate went to an interview and while waiting to meet with the client they turned the office lights off on her and locked up. YAY!

Favorite accessory: My Proenza Schouler bag – Blue Bird

Dream vacation: Croatia for Yacht Week with Katie L

Sweet or salty: Beef jerky or chocolate covered beef jerky

Fashion or beauty tip: Get a monthly subscription to Birchbox then order every item they send you.

Favorite item in my closet: Lanvin black boots – I resole them every year!

Restaurant I would recommend: Izaka-Ya for sushi, Pizzeria Mozza for Italian… If you are in Austin, TX – Salt Lick BBQ, Rudy’s BBQ, or County line BBQ

Favorite music artist/band: At the moment…Chvrches, Taylor Swift (always), and Band of Horses